Thing 002: Portal Cake

January 28th, 2012

The 19th was my birthday! As befitting my station I commanded my MakerBot to make me the cake from Portal.

It imported into ReplicatorG at 1cm across, which it printed in under a minute. You can see just a hint of cherries, but the resolution was too small for more than a tiny stump of candle. It left the doily off entirely.

I doubled the scale to 2cm, which including a raft took about 10 minutes.

I redoubled it to 4cm across, which took about 40 minutes and almost failed: a draft caused the left side to curl up, threatening to detach the raft from the build platform, leading to certain doom. Heedless of my own safety and mocking Death itself I leapt into the maw of the MakerBot and secured the cake to the build platform with a piece of tape. It finished, complete with candle, and my birthday was saved.

By my very rough estimate it’s about a 50-layer cake. Take that, southern grandmas I read about in the Times.

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  1. arnaud Says:

    Happy birthday to yourself !

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