Thing 001: Calibration Cube

January 26th, 2012

My first print! It’s not really a cube. It’s the 20mm calibration box, but from above it looks like a cube, and the alliteration is nigh-impossible to resist.

The hexagonal infill pattern makes it look like a pat of butter fabbed by MakerBees.

Tradition dictates that one inaugurate one’s MakerBot with a commemorative saying upon the initiation of its first print. While the suggested phrase — “Fire the MakerBot!” — has many attractive qualities, when the time came I was feeling nostalgically geeky, and for those reasons chose “Make it so” with a Patrick Stewart/Sean Connery conflection* and a concomitant “Engage” gesture to make sure it knew I was serious.

It worked pretty well. My cube came out very slightly squashed on the bottom, which I understand means either the build platform was too warm or my gesture was too fast.

* 1. A conflation of inflections 2. The dialect of a pastry

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  1. arnaud Says:

    I say Yeah!
    and congrats

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