Pellet Gunn

November 6th, 2009

From RISD student Tim Beckhardt in 2008.

A nice balance of focus between plot and moments. I hate it when there’s never any question about what’s happening, and the only thing to learn is what will happen. That’s a sitcom. This has a plot, per se, but the plot isn’t the point, and it’s chopped up and spread around.

Also, I know I recently mentioned him, but continue to cf. my man Brandon Graham, plot-wise and other-wise, who writes my favorite blog these days. His book King City is one of my favorites in the mold of Tekkon Kinkreet: well-balanced — between detail and suggestion, personal and epic, serious and silly — all through mastery of the evocative. It’s all about choosing the details to suggest a super-deep, rich world, which happens to be populated by casual bad-asses who have their priorities straight, which is a world in which I aspire to live.

Also it reminds me of the Pacific Northwest, which I miss. And he does graffiti properly. There’s nothing lamer than obviously-fake graffiti in comics.

Also it is funny and nice. I love you Brandon Graham.

Brandon Graham vending machines

[Via Cartoon Brew.]

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