YouCity’s New York map

May 5th, 2009

YouCity‘s New York map is what I always wanted to make in SimCity, but more so. You can browse around the map on their homepage.

Watch in HD at Vimeo.

[Via Digital Urban.]

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3 Responses to “YouCity’s New York map”

  1. PandaPandaPanda Says:

    Very neat and totally impressive. Looks like they modeled every bagel stand. But is it useful? I can’t read street names unless I’m super zoomed in.

  2. zoomy Says:

    Useful? Honestly I hadn’t considered the intent of the thing. I see they want it to be a kind of social networking hub, so I suppose it’s mostly intended for locals, who already mostly know their way around.

    All I know is: if it had a Godzilla button and a street layout tool, I’d never leave.

  3. zoomy Says:

    I just found the “Road” setting under the “2D/3D” button, which overlays a road map with larger text. In case you need one.

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