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Aligned faces pyramid worm

February 6th, 2009

More random walkies. In this one, the faces are aligned, but the corners are not.

Turns out there’s no shortcut to find the center of a face via MEL. The interface does it all the time — there’s a dot in the middle of each face, and lots of snap tools, so I know it’s buried in there somewhere… but I couldn’t find it. So I took a procedure from Seth Hall and cleaned it up.

MEL code follows:

//find the center of a face
global proc vector centerOfFace(string $face) {

  // get locations of all vertices in an array
  float $pos[] = `xform -q -ws -t ($face)`;

  //get length of the array: # vertices * 3
  int $posSize = size($pos);

  //put the average of all vectors into 1st vector 
  for ($i = 0; $i < 3; $i++){
    for ($j = $i + 3; $j < $posSize; $j += 3){
      $pos[$i] += $pos[$j];
    $pos[$i] /= ($posSize / 3);

  vector $averagePos = <<$pos[0], $pos[1], $pos[2]>>;
  return $averagePos;

proc doit() {

  //make a 3-sided cone and select it
  select `polyCone -r 1 -h 1.414214 -sx 3 -n "pCone1"`;
  //move its pivot point to the bottom face
  xform -rp 0 -0.707107 0;
  //move to origin and freeze xforms
  xform -t 0 0.707107 0;
  makeIdentity -apply true -t 1;

  //turn off constraint warnings
  cycleCheck -e off;

  for ($i=0; $i<500; ++$i) {
    //select cone
    $cone = `ls -sl`;
    //select a random face
    int $r = rand(4);
    $sel = ( $cone[0] + ".f[" + $r + "]" );
    select $sel;

    //find center of face
    vector $fc = centerOfFace($sel);

    //instance cone
    select `instance $cone`;
    $new = `ls -sl`;

    //move instance to face
    xform -a -t ($fc.x) ($fc.y) ($fc.z) $new;

    //align instance to face with a temporary normal constraint
    string $tmpConst[] = `normalConstraint -aim 0 1 0 $sel $new`;
    delete $tmpConst[0];

    //animate visibility
    setKeyframe -attribute "visibility" -v 0 -t 0 $new; 
    setKeyframe -attribute "visibility" -v 1 -t ($i+1) $new;

  cycleCheck -e on;

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