Après la Pluie

January 1st, 2009

Goebelins encore, naturellement. Blending 2D and 3D, they’re getting better every year. So much has to do with restraint: which things you emphasize, and at which times. Matching 3D camera speed and pacing to the 2D character’s speed and pacing is a lot of it. The camera is a spoiler, and can hide a world of errors. Shading is only a tiny piece of the puzzle.

Gorgeous painting helps too. Very anime, especially in the wide shots, with the curving cirrus clouds. That fake wide-angle lens, though an anime cliche*, still works to stretch out the horizon and emphasize the timelessness of a moment.

Credits: Charles-André LEFEBVRE, Manuel TANON-TCHI, Louis TARDIVIER, Sébastien VOVAU, Emmanuelle WALKER. Apparently they are all from FRANCE.

[via Motionographer.]

*I’m looking at you, Voices of a Distant Star**.

**I couldn’t remember the name of this Non-Ironic Anime Tropes Clearinghouse but it was tracked down by googling “anime emo”.

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