One Day a Man Bought a House

August 13th, 2008

By Norwegian Piotr Sapegin, 1998.

A simple formula, but the ingredients are difficult. Wit is the key. Timing and understatement are the keys to wit. Add some beauty and the result is sublime.

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2 Responses to “One Day a Man Bought a House”

  1. arnaud Says:

    Love is everywhere!

    I was at my preferred Japanese restaurant and I was rising to bliss while savoring some sushi with a sip of hot Sak√©… and suddenly I thought of this short because it dawned on me that there was Love in the sushis I was eating!

    Now I can tell : “Love is everywhere”!

    PS: I think the Sushi chef likes me.
    PS 2: It took 2 weeks for the story of this short to simmer up to my conscience.

  2. zoomy Says:

    As in sushi, ravioli, or delicious rat sausages, the best food is made with love. Mmm, delicious love.

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