Power of the Dark Crystal

April 24th, 2008

In 2005, Disney announced a sequel to Jim Henson’s 1982 creepy bizarro muppet fantasy The Dark Crystal, with no less than Genndy Tartakovsky directing, called Power of the Dark Crystal.

There’s a marketing press release repository disguised as a “production blog”; there’s not much there there, but it does mention that the Henson crew is working on it, so of course it’s animatronics again, but this time enhanced with CG.

Here’s an interview with Jim Henson just after the completion of the Dark Crystal, speaking of the processes and challenges involved in the making of the film.

He makes a number of points about the characters that sound like he’s describing a 3D project. To paraphrase: “Though the characters became quite technically complex, we tried to keep the interface simple enough that a single person could use it to deliver a performance, because that’s how you get acting.”

He ends by saying that though he’s primarily a visual thinker, he sometimes throws out “wonderful shots, because they no longer serve the story, which is what you have to do.”

…I never get used to Kermit’s voice coming out of his mouth.

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