3ds Max Viewport Problems

March 28th, 2008
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This just in from the Troubleshooting Desk: 3ds Max 8 and 9 do not play well with Microsoft’s Direct3D 8 or 9 drivers as served by this author’s Nvidia GeForce card in XP, at least with ForceWare Release 169.21. Both versions of Max, while using Direct3D, exhibit periodic viewport refreshes that overwrite any other UI elements including windows, menus, and dialog boxes.

Switching from the Direct3D driver to OpenGL in Customize > Preferences > Viewport has solved my problems. Your mileage may vary.

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20 Responses to “3ds Max Viewport Problems”

  1. boorans Says:

    thank you

  2. zoomy Says:

    no problem.

  3. 3grosze Says:


    I’ve got the same problem with 3dsmax… moreover I’ve got that problem in AFX :/
    I’m wandering what’s Your computer’s configuration.
    Please contact me via email.

  4. 3grosze Says:

    best regards of course ;-)

  5. zoomy Says:

    I haven’t had any trouble in AFX, though I haven’t used any of the 3D features since I upgraded my video card.

  6. 3grosze Says:

    I coudn’t send You mail cause, it was returned by my ISP… anyway…
    i figure it out, what was the issue of this strange refreshing
    that was intellipoint driver!
    after uninstall, all things went back to normal
    i found this solution on autodesk forum – they wrote that intellipoint and logitech mouse drivers may cause problems with viewport

    sorry for my english ;-)

  7. sri Says:

    thanks. it worked

  8. ot Says:

    You just saved my day :) thanx alot

  9. kulasekarapandian Says:

    Thanx a lot

  10. Priscila Says:

    ooohhh my goooood! i’ve been dealing with this problem for more than 3 months… thank youu soo much!!!

  11. Azyan Says:

    This helped a lot! Thanks!!! =D

  12. mtk Says:

    i’m kissing your ass right now

  13. Ian Says:

    Thanks man,Im from mexico and I was trying to find the problem all day long that was the problem! Greetings!

  14. John Says:


  15. Simona Says:

    Thanks! Your advice helped me a lot. I had terrible viewport problems in max design 2012, changed to OpenGL and now everything works perfect.

  16. ankit Says:

    changing driver to openGL solved my problem. thanks a lot man for help . i was dealing with this problem since months. you are a genius….

  17. ankit Says:

    viewports are now visible but when i click on modifiers panel, the panel doesn’t open and whole 3d stops working.Please help me with this problem.Thanks…

  18. bhushan Says:

    thanks. Works perfect.

  19. Wagner Says:

    Thank you very much!

  20. Adnan Says:

    Awesome! I should try this and hope it help me out…

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