Le Génie de la Boîte de Raviolis

March 6th, 2008

This is about the cutest darn thing I’ve ever seen.

Directed by Schweitzer Claude Barras.

More details in French and a brief making-of at the poorly-coded official Flash site.

The genie’s song:

Armand, mon bienheureux
(Armand, my lucky friend)
Armand, dés aujourd’hui
(Armand, from today)
Tout semblera plus beau, plus grand
(Everything will seem bigger and better)
Car voilà devant toi
(Because in front of you is)
Le merveilleux, le superbe génie
(The marvellous, the superb genie)
De la boîte de raviolis
(of the can of ravioli)

Final song:

On est si bien les pieds dans l’eau.
(We are so comfy our feet in the water.)
L’un contre l’autre, au bord d’un ruisseau.
(One leaning on the other, on the banks of a stream.)
Il y a rien à faire à part chanter.
(There’s nothing to do except to sing.)
On laisse s’entremper nos doigts de pied.
(We let our toes get wet.)

If I have time I may go through and do a translation, but for now the songs alone will sustain us.

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