Jean-Pierre Dionnet

March 5th, 2008

Jean-Pierre Dionnet is an interesting character.

As seen above introducing “Brides of Dracula,” he’s acted as a kind of tongue-in-cheek Robert Osbourne for Cinema de Quartier, a 1980’s Canal+ production.

Originally a comic book writer, in the 70’s he co-founded, with Mœbius, “Metal Hurlant,” better known in the states as “Heavy Metal.”

Here’s a google translation of a one-question interview in which Dionnet spins out on comics, film, film history, dragons, etc., and reveals that he’s working on a film with Marc Caro, co-director of City of Lost Children.

Dionnet’s also been a producer for a number of films, including some in Hong Kong — he’s got a DVD label, Asian Star, which releases remasters of classic HK movies, and he recently announced a collaboration with Tsui Hark, producer of The Killer and director of the entire Once Upon a Time in China series.

Recently (and this is how I came across his name) he was mentioned in connection with the revitalization of Tekkon Kinkreet, though he’s not listed in the credits.

Aside: the Google French translation has made online translation palatable for me — Babelfish was never any better than a worst-case scenario, but once again Google has given me hope.

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