Team Sergio

February 8th, 2008
Sergio from STRUT
“Mad Eye” Sergio

Once upon a time, the STRUT crew held a character design contest; from the winners, they assembled a team of artists to construct a free 3D character, rigged in Maya, for release on the site.

Sergio,” the result, looks great; I’ve downloaded the character and played with it a bit. I had to tweak the texture paths to get everything working, but it seems to be a solid rig with a lot of potential. He’s not as limber as something like Generi, but he’s also closer to what you’d find in a commercial production: high-quality design, with the limitations and restrictions of a character with a unique shape and personality.

As a bonus, there’s a making-of page. It’s long and has a lot of fluff, but the modeling and rigging sections are a good walk-though of the high-to-mid-level processes involved in character construction.

“Sergio” was designed by Joel Smith, modelled by Lisa Griffiths, and rigged by Andy Seredy.

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