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August 28th, 2007

Brilliant — fantastic style, cleverly done, and the best use of cel shading I’ve ever seen.

“Musicotherapie,” by Supinfocom students Amaël Isnard, Manuel Javelle, and Clément Picon, with music by Nicolas Baloche and Benjamin Fournier as Tambour Battant (“Rumbling Drum”, also the name of a French wartime broadcast).

A cleaner Quicktime version and info in French are available at

Theory follows.

This piece works visually because the motion is perfectly married to the visual style. Most pieces with cel shading fail in this way, for the same reasons that this piece works: if the underlying 3D is obvious, the point of cel shading is lost because of the way our eyes interpret outlines.

Outlines are massing boundaries. Like fences, they define an important edge of a shape. Not suggest: define. What they say goes, it’s hard-wired.

If the mass within this boundary moves around as though the boundary isn’t restricting it at all, the semantic connection between the outline and the mass is broken, and the outline fights the mass. Especially when rotated, shapes with cel-shaded outlines look like wolverines twisting around in their own skin.

This piece sticks to very strong poses and framing, relying on quick zips between poses à la Johnny Bravo and motion parallel to the screen, and avoids any movements which would undermine the graphic design.

Also it’s funny. Yay! Go France!

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