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Aachi & Ssipak

May 21st, 2007

South Korea’s waking up…

Aachi & Ssipak (2006), the style is punk Moebius. It’s a Flash series from the dot-com days that apparently found a patron and got biggified.

The film’s site is at – by all accounts it’s not a very good movie, but the animation itself is a fantastic caricature of action-movie tropes.

Korea’s been showing signs of independent life since Mari Iyagi (My Beautiful Girl Mari) in 2002; til then I’d only known it as a place where Japan farmed out their inbetweens. This article at fpsmagazine has some backstory about the emergence of Korea as a force in animation — apparently it’s the result of deliberate governmental tampering with the economy, starting in 1995 after animation was found to be the country’s top cultural export. So far the results are interesting and experimental. South Korea activate!

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